Enhance Experiences: Your Comprehensive Guide

How to Add Experiences

A Guide to Add Your New Experience

All Experiences have a unique code for accessing the project. These codes will be sent to you either by a project administer or an ExpiWell-issued email.

1. To begin, select the "+" icon at the bottom right of your Experience dashboard.
A plus icon at the ExpiWell dashboard
Or, press on the hot air balloon in the top left corner and then click on the "+."

A red square enclosing plus sign in the ExpiWell dashboard
Red square enclosing hot air balloon in the ExpiWell dashboard
2. Enter the access code shared with you and select "Add Experience."

Online/Offline Option
Some surveys have the option to be taken offline, meaning that they don't require internet connection or online access to the server; this may be useful if you do not have consistent internet connection on your mobile device. Select your preference from the pop-up menu.
                   Select Start Date
For some survey types, you may be required to select a date to start the Experience project. The current date will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the date and a calendar will appear for you to make adjustments. Then press "Continue."

The project will now appear in your Experience dashboard.

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