Researcher Communication: A How-To Guide

Contacting the Researchers

How to Contact the Researchers

As a research participant, you can communicate with the study owner/researcher, as you might have questions or concerns regarding the study details and also about your compensation for your participation.

You can message the ExpiWell account owner and potentially the researcher of the project you are in by clicking the 3 dots on the right side of the project.
ExpiWell app - Dashboard

After clicking the 3 dots, choose 'Contact Researcher.'
ExpiWell app - Project option

Another method is to click the messaging icon on the bottom-right corner after accessing the project.
ExpiWell app e- Email icon

Choose your emailing app.
ExpiWell app - choosing an emailing app

And you will be able to message the researcher/s if you have questions or concerns.
ExpiWell - sample email to study owner

The 'Contact Researcher' feature in ExpiWell is crucial for enhancing communication and transparency in your research journey. This easily accessible option empowers EMA and ESM participants, ensuring your voice is heard and your queries are promptly addressed. Facilitating direct and hassle-free communication with the study owner or researcher adds confidence and clarity to your participation. 

Whether it's inquiries about study details, compensation, or providing feedback, this feature bridges the gap between you and the research team. It streamlines the communication process and fosters a collaborative environment where your input and engagement are valued and respected. Engaging directly with researchers enriches your experience, making it more interactive and informed.

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