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Group Surveys (Mobile Surveys)

The "Group Surveys" feature allows Makers to group surveys together so they can be easily rescheduled whether it's the original, a copy, or a shared copy of the project.

This can be used when a Maker has different surveys that share a common theme and form a unit. For example, a Maker may have multiple intervention sessions. Each session is a week long and comprises of different surveys (in the form of lessons and assessments) for a specific behavior (e.g., mindfulness, gratitude, prosocial giving, exercise, sleep, etc.). A Maker will want to group these different surveys (e.g., mindfulness, gratitude, prosocial giving, exercise, sleep, etc.) together. This will allow simple rescheduling of the different interventions (e.g., swapping around "Week 1 Mindfulness" with "Week 2 Gratitude" and so forth).

1. To get started, first click on "+" button. You can edit your previously created group surveys by clicking on the corresponding card.

2. To edit a group survey, click on the pencil icon next to the "Schedule" title and select the days you wish to be included for that particular group. You will also be able edit the title of the group (shown below). Once you're done editing, click the checkmark icon to confirm your changes or the "X" icon to cancel your edit. If you wish to remove a group, you can click on the trash bin icon and the group will be deleted.

3. In order to apply the "Group Surveys" feature, begin by clicking on "Adjust." Select the group(s) you would like to use for your project. You can also rearrange groups however you'd like.  

Only the selected groups will be rendered as shown below.

5. Click on "Apply," and the displayed schedule will replace the actual schedule

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