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Creating a Project

1. Start on your "Projects" dashboard.

2. Click on the "+" button.

3. Choose a platform for the project.

Web: Create and schedule web surveys for participants.

Email: Create and schedule emails (with web survey links) for participants. 

Mobile: Create and schedule in-app mobile surveys for participants.

Note: Not all subscriptions allow for certain features. To review the features of each subscription or upgrade to a new one, follow this link:

4. Enter a title or an access code for the project.

To add a custom access code, click the box next to  "Use Custom Access Code." This is the code that participants will use to access the project on the Android and iOS apps, and it prevents other app users from accessing the project. If an access code is not entered, a random access code will be automatically generated for the project.

Note: Sometimes custom access codes may be taken by another creator's existing project; if this is the case, the code cannot be used and will produce an "error" screen.

5. Click "Create" button to create project.

*For steps on creating a survey go to Survey Creation

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