EMAs and ESMs: Crafting Your Project Successfully

Creating an EMA and ESM Project

How to Create Your EMA and ESM Project

Begin by logging into your ExpiWell account on the web. Once logged in, click on the '+New' button to initiate the project creation process.
ExpiWell homepage

Enter the title of your project and customize the access code if desired. 
Creating a Project

This access code will be used by participants to access the project on their ExpiWell mobile app. You have the option to use a custom access code or allow the system to generate one automatically.
Customizing the project's access code

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it's important to note that occasionally, custom access codes may already be in use by other projects, resulting in an "error" message.
Error message of the access code is already taken

Upon project creation, you'll be directed to the essential steps such choosing to gather from individuals or from a group, survey building, screener creation, schedule setting, distribution settings, and activating your project in the Review tab.
Project creation essential steps

The project creation process is designed to be intuitive, efficient, and adaptable to various research needs. By allowing customization of access codes, researchers can create a unique identity for their projects, facilitating easy and secure participant access.

Also, It offers a flexible framework for diverse study designs, simplifying the initial setup of your project. For the next steps on creating a survey go to Survey Creation


Can I modify the access code after creating a project?

Unfortunately, once a project is created, the access code cannot be altered. However, you have the option to change the project's name. If you require a different access code, you can either delete the existing project and create a new one, or you can simply duplicate the project and assign your preferred access code to the duplicate.

What is the maximum length of an access code?

Access codes can be up to 10 characters in length, comprising letters, numbers, and special characters.

If you have any questions, please reach out to john@expiwell.com 

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