EMAs and ESMs: Crafting Your Project Successfully

Creating an EMA and ESM Project

How to Create Your EMA and ESM Project

First, log in to your ExpiWell account on the web, then click the '+New' button to add/create a project.
ExpiWell homepage

Enter the tile of your project, and an option to customize the access code.
Creating a Project

To add a custom access code, click the box next to "Use Custom Access Code." This is the code that participants will use to access the project on their ExpiWell mobile app. If an access code is not entered, a random access code will be automatically generated for the project.
Customizing the project's access code

logo of information
Sometimes, custom access codes may be taken by another creator's existing project; if this is the case, the code cannot be used and will produce an "error" screen.
Error message of the access code is already taken

Once you have created your project, you will see the project dashboard that guides you to:
Build your surveys - these can be baseline or daily surveys
Build your project screener
Schedule your schedules
Decide on how to distribute your project
Finalize the project and activate
ExpiWell Project Creation Process

The 'Project Creation' process for Experience Sampling (ESM) and Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) in ExpiWell is designed to be intuitive, efficient, and adaptable to various research needs. This approach not only simplifies the initial setup of a project but also offers a flexible framework for diverse study designs. By allowing the customization of access codes, researchers can create a unique identity for their projects, facilitating easy and secure participant access. 

The project dashboard is a comprehensive guide through essential steps such as survey building, screener creation, schedule setting, and distribution strategy formulation. This end-to-end project creation process is vital for researchers who aim to gather real-time data that accurately reflects participants' behaviors and experiences in their natural environments. 

*For the next steps on creating a survey go to Survey Creation

Moreover, ExpiWell's project creation tools are designed to foster innovation and precision in ESM and EMA research, ensuring a high-quality, streamlined research process from conception to execution.

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