Quotas Management: Ensure Qualified Participation

Creating Quotas for Participants who passed the Project Screener

How to Create Quotas 

Often, you will want to not only screen out participants but also set quotas on the number of participants in a specific category. For instance, you may wish to have 100 participants who are aged 40-60 and 100 participants who are aged 61 and above. This can be helpful in limiting the number of participants based on your project budget.

Creating Quotas

You can create different quotas for participants who passed the Project Screener questions in the "Project Screener" tab. Click on "Add Quota"

ExpiWell Project Screener Add Quota

In the Quota Screen, you will be able to create the
  1. Quota Name
  2. Quota Amount
  3. Select the question responses that fall within the quota
Choose "Add Quota" to continue.

ExpiWell Project Screener Create Quota

Afterward, you should be able to see the quota you created.

ExpiWell Project Screener View Quota

Based on this quota, the Project Screener will prevent additional participants from joining the project once the quota number is reached.

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