Dashboards | ExpiWell


ExpiWell’s data "Dashboards" allow you to visualize your data in real-time. You can see trends and patterns as they occur!

1. To create a new Dashboard, click on the “+”.

2. Next, you’ll need to create the visualization chart title, type of visualization, and labels for both axes.

3. Then, you will click on the “+” icon next to Variables to choose which survey items you would like to use.

4. For your first variable, enter your label and choose the main purpose: filter or measure.

5. Choose your survey and then the items you wish to visualize.

6.Click save, and you're done!

7. Toggle the "Title" icon if you would like to display the title of the chart. You can choose the position and color of the title.

8. Toggle the "Labels" icon if you would like to show the numeric values of each axis. You can change the color of the numeric values.

9. Toggling the "Grid" icon will display your chart in a grid format. You can select the style of your Grid lines as well as the color.