ExpiWell: Deactivating / Reactivating a Project

Deactivating / Reactivating a Project to make Changes

At times, researchers need to edit the project settings after they have launched their project. This is possible by deactivating the project, making changes, and reactivating the project again. However, there are some significant issues to consider.
When you edit surveys, participants will only see the changes the next time they take the survey.
When you edit schedule settings, participants currently taking the project can have problems with their schedules because you changed the project schedule halfway. They will need to remove the project and readd the project on their mobile app to see the new changes. This will cause them to restart the project from the first day. In this case, it may be better to have participants add a new project with the new changes you have made so it does not affect the current participants.
While you make edits, the project needs to be deactivated. So participants will not be able to add the project. You should make the changes when you do not expect participants to be adding the project.

In order to deactivate or reactivate a project, the creator must click on the project and go to the review tab. The top right corner of the review tab will have a small box with either a circle-backslash or check mark symbol, depending on current status of the survey. 


To DEACTIVATE, press the circle-backslash button at the top right corner. 

Project review circle backslash

To REACTIVATE, press the check mark button at the top right corner.

Project check review

Note: The green bar will show the updated status of the project!

Successfully activated project

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