Dynamic Links: Exploring ExpiWell App Features

Dynamic Link

Why You Need to Know More About Dynamic Link? 

For ecological momentary assessment (EMA) and experience sampling method (ESM) surveys, researchers may need to create a dynamic link in order to synchronize the data with external data collection websites. To achieve this, ExpiWell provides a dynamic link option.
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Dynamic link: Allows you to dynamically change parameters within a website link. This will change each time a participant sees the link so you can provide unique links based on study ID, participant ID, and Session ID.


The site www.manybrains.net provides state-of-the-art open access cognitive assessments. To ensure that the ExpiWell participant data is synced to Many Brains participant data, we rely on a dynamic link.
Each participant receives a customized link that includes their Study IDExpiWell anonymized participant ID, and Session ID.
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The Study ID (e.g., study=purduedd) is the unique study name assigned by Many Brains as a static URL parameter.
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The Participant ID (e.g., id=anonid) is delivered to the Many Brains system as a dynamic URL parameter. The anonymized participant ID will be stored with the cognitive testing data, so that the research team can re-identify the participant when the research team receives the data from Many Brains.
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The Session ID (e.g., session=1) is a dynamic URL parameter that lets Many Brains know what session a specific participant is on so researchers can link the Many Brains assessment session data to the ExpiWell data.

Creating Dynamic Link in ExpiWell

The dynamic link can be created in the "Instruction" question logo of information in the survey creator. You will need to toggle on the dynamic URL and click on "+ Generate URL" as shown below.

Dynamic Link Creation

This will generate a pop-up where you can input your base link prior to all the parameter specifications (i.e., before the "?" term).

Dynamic URL entry

You can then specify the parameters by clicking on the "+" button.
Dynamic Link Enter Parameter

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Enter parameter: Type in the parameter name that will appear in the link (e.g., study, id, session)
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Select option: Select the type of parameter each name corresponds to. 
- Custom: follows whatever a researcher types (e.g., "purduedd" as the study name)
- ExpiWell ID: Unique ExpiWell participant ID
- SessionCount: Session count that will increase each time a participant is scheduled to click on the link

See below for the completed dynamic URL link in the pop-up.
Completed Dynamic URL Link

As shown below, the dynamic link will be included in the instruction question as shown in the grey field.

The dynamic link in the instruction question

This will appear in the mobile as shown below:

A link to cognitive assessment

How does the Session Count increase?

The session count will increase based on (1) scheduled survey and (2) whether the link is unique
Scenario 1: Single Survey with One Dynamic Link

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