Explore Experiences: Options for Enhanced Engagement

Experience Options

How to View the Experience Options


From your dashboard, you can view Experience options by clicking the "" icon.

ExpiWell App interfacee showing remove option


Click on an Experience to be taken to the project overview page. From here, you can view your progress and see your charts.

ExpiWell App interface showing a calendar

ExpiWell App showing schedule

ExpiWell's "Experience Options" feature offers a streamlined and intuitive way to navigate your research projects. With a simple click on the "⋮" icon from your dashboard, you can access many options to enhance your research experience. 

This feature allows for effortless management of your projects, enabling you to view progress quickly, analyze data through charts, and adjust project settings as needed. It's designed to make your research journey more efficient and user-friendly, providing all the necessary tools at your fingertips. Whether you're deep into data analysis or just checking on the latest updates, the Experience Options ensure a smooth and productive research experience, making it easier to focus on what matters – your research goals and outcomes.

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