How to Create a Community | ExpiWell

How to Create a Community

1. Click "Communities" to view all of the Communities you have created.

2. Then, click on the "New" button and provide the name and description of the community.

3. As the creator you are able to choose if your community members will be anonymized or identifiable. Also, you can choose if you want others to find your community!

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    • Overview

      The "Overview" is where you can edit the name, description, and visibility of the community. You can edit whether users will be anonymous and if the community can be searchable in the ExpiWell ecosystem.
    • People

      The "People" tab allows you to see everyone who has joined your community. Additionally, you can assign user roles to collaborators! ​
    • Resources

      The "Resources" tab provides a centralized location to include static information or content you would like to provide your community. 1. Click "New Post" to add new content. ​
    • Two-Way Messenger

      The two-way messenger allows you to communicate directly with anyone in your community, both participants and collaborators. 1. Click on "New" to start a new conversation. 2. Choose from the list of members in the community and enter your message.