Create Mobile Charts | ExpiWell

Create Mobile Charts

Step 1: In the survey builder, toggle the “Score” option for the questions you would like to include in the charts.

                Note: Only Multiple-choice question types with scoring can be used for the chart options.

Step 2: Click on the three horizontal dots to the right of “+ Question” and select “Feedback.”

Step 3: Click on the “+ Chart” option.

Step 4: Label the chart, choose the number of days, and the range of values. Choose whether you want the chart to display the mean or the sum.

Step 5: Click on “Select Questions” and the scored questions you can choose from for the charts can be seen on the left.  

Step 6: Click “Done” on the lower left of the chart box and then “Done” on the top right of the chart box.

Step 7: And you’re all set! Choose to add more charts or exit the survey builder to continue with the rest of your project set up.

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