ExpiWell: Create Mobile Charts that show Participant Progress

Create Mobile Charts that Show Participant Progress over Time

When conducting your experience sampling method (ESM) and ecological momentary assessment (EMA) project, you may want to create mobile charts for participants. The charts display data that participants have entered over time. In other words, it shows participants their own responses over time in a graph or chart in the ExpiWell mobile app. You can specify the axes and type of chart participants can see.

The mobile charts are especially useful in the following scenarios:
  1. Participants to track their progress over time
  2. Participants to learn about their own trajectory
  3. Ecological momentary interventions (EMIs) where self-knowledge is helpful
The following steps show how to create the mobile charts that participants can see.

Step 1: In the survey builder, toggle the “Score” option for the questions you would like to include in the charts.

                Note: Only Multiple-choice question types with scoring can be used for the chart options.

Multiple Choice Chart Scoring

Step 2: Click on the three horizontal dots to the right of “+ Question” and select “Feedback.”

Survey Options
Step 3: Click on the “+ Chart” option.

Create Chart in Feedback Option

Step 4: Label the chart, choose the number of days, and the range of values. Choose whether you want the chart to display the mean (i.e., average score) or the sum (i.e., total score).

Step 5: Click on “Select Questions” and the scored questions you can choose from for the charts can be seen on the left.  

Select Questions for Charts
You can choose the questions for scoring as shown below.

Choosing questions for scoring mobile chart
Step 6: Click “Done” on the lower left of the chart box and then “Done” on the top right of the chart box.

Step 7: And you’re all set! Choose to add more charts or exit the survey builder to continue with the rest of your project set up.

You can check out the chart on the ExpiWell mobile app.

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