Access Instant Messenger: Seamless Communication

Instant Messenger

8 Steps to Access Instant Messenger 

(Taker Instructions)

1. Log in to your ExpiWell mobile account.

2. Navigate to the community with which you would like to interact by opening the left side bar as seen below.

The left side bar of the ExpiWell app

3. Select the desired community, and it will open in the live feed view.

4. Select the “Messenger” icon located on the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen.

An ExpiWell app with message option

5. Select the blue “+” in the bottom right hand corner to start a new message.

An ExpiWell app with plus sign option

6. Select the users you want to message. Note: These can be group messages if multiple users are chosen or a single user can be chosen for a direct message.

An ExpiWell app with create conversation option

7. Select the new group or direct message you have created. 

A private message for other ExpiWell users or members

8. Type the message and click the send icon. The message will appear green when sent successfully.

A message chat among ExpiWell users

The Instant Messenger feature in ExpiWell is a game-changer for real-time communication within your online community. It's not just a messaging tool; it's a gateway to instant, seamless interactions that foster stronger connections and collaboration. 

Whether initiating a group discussion or sending a direct message, this feature ensures that your communication is efficient and impactful. The ease of starting new conversations with the blue "+" icon or selecting users for group or individual messages makes it incredibly user-friendly. 

This immediacy of communication is vital in today's fast-paced world, where quick responses and dynamic discussions can significantly enhance the vibrancy and engagement of your community. Furthermore, the visual confirmation of successfully sent messages with a green indicator adds to the user's peace of mind. Instant Messenger in ExpiWell is more than just a feature; it's a powerful tool that brings your community closer, making every interaction more meaningful and productive. Integrating advanced messaging capabilities supports a rich dialogue, encourages timely sharing of insights, and fosters a cohesive, interactive community vital for successful collaborative research endeavors.