Logs Section: Unveiling Insights for ESM


In ecological momentary assessments and experience sampling research, it is very important for researchers to have real-time access to how data collection is going in real-time. ExpiWell provides the Logs tab for researchers to keep track of this information and interact with participants.
  1. Submission and response rates: See if participants are submitting their surveys. Track the overall response rate of the project in real time. 
  2. Notifications and reminders: Check if all participants are receiving notifications and reminders. 
  3. Sending additional push notifications: If participants have a low response rate, feel free to send additional reminders!
  4. Show individual question responses: If you ask for identifying information in your surveys (e.g., emails, unique IDs) you can display that information.
  5. Participant payments: Compensate participants based on their response rates.


Researchers can access the "Logs" page under the "Insights" tab.

Insights to Logs

Here you have a quick overview of all participant information. 

Drill down participant


ExpiWell provides a simple but unique participant ID for each participant in the ID log. The first participant who joins the project will be Participant 1, followed by Participant 2, and so on.
Note that participants across different projects will not have the same ID


This shows the overall project and created surveys.
You will need to drill down to view specific surveys.
As shown below, you can now see the specific surveys in the "Project". Here, we have a "Demographic Survey", "Multimedia Survey", and "Mindwandering" survey.

Expanded view of Participant 2


This shows when the project and surveys are scheduled.
This column is very useful to examine when you have a "Rolling Schedule" and each participant may be starting at different dates. It is also very useful when you have "Randomized" survey schedules such that participants do not receive surveys at the same time each day. You can determine when the survey is scheduled for each participant and for each specific day, which will vary.
As shown below, drilling down shows the unique survey schedule for each participant.

Expanded View of Participant 2 Mindwandering

Submission and Response Rates

You can track in real time participant submissions, submission rates, and response rates.
If a survey participant is actively engaged in a survey when the closing time arrives, the system will automatically submit their responses. It's important to note that submission rates are solely determined by when participants manually submit their surveys, rather than auto-submission.
Log with Submission and Response Highlighted


This shows when the participant last submitted a survey. This is useful to check when participants were last active.

Submission Rate

This tracks the rates of submitting surveys. 9 out of 10 survey submissions will translate to 90% submission rate.

Response Rate

This tracks the rates of responses within surveys. 9 out of 10 questions answered will translate to 90% response rate.

Overall and Current

By toggling between "Overall" and "Current," values change for "Submission Rate" and "Response Rate".

a red box enclosing a overall and current option
Overall: when you are interested in participant responses with respect to all the survey scheduled, from the start to finish. 
Current: when you are interested in participant responses up to the current time. This is very useful for monitoring as data are coming in.

Notifications and Reminders

ExpiWell uses push notifications to participants' devices to let them know when to take schedules surveys. You can track if notifications are being sent to participants through the Log
Notif. Type: Whether the notification is the first "initial" notification or the later "reminder" notification.
Notif. Time: The time the notification was sent to the participant

Log with Notification Type Highlighted

As shown above, you can change to view initial or reminder notification times.

Sending Additional Push Notifications

In EMA and ESM, it is often necessary to ping participants, especially for participants who have a low submission or response rate.
Researchers can send additional push notifications to participants using two methods:
  1. Send Messages Button: Allows you to send messages to multiple participants at once.
  2. "Options" Individual Messages: Allows you to send messages to individual participants

Send Messages

To send messages to multiple participants, you can click on the "send" messages as shown below.

Log with Send Messages Highlighted

On clicking "Send Messages," a pop-up will appear and you can choose the participant(s) to send the message to. You can also decide on whether to send the participants messages immediately or schedule a later time to send the message.

Log with Personal Messages Highlighted

"Options" Individual Messages

You can send individual messages by clicking on "Options" for a particular participant and then send a message.

Log with Options to Send Message

In the pop-up, you can type the message you want to send either now or schedule it for later. 
Note that you can also view past messages sent to participants here.
Log for Individual Message

Show Individual Question Responses

You can show individual question responses in the participant log. This allows you to note what responses individuals provide.
This is very helpful for two scenarios:
  1. Showing participant ID information. You may need to determine if someone you invited has joined the project. Or, showing the participant that may not be responding. This requires you to ask identifying information in your survey question(s).
  2. Showing responses on critical questions. You may need to see if participants responded to an important question, or what their response is to a question.
To do this, click on "Show Question Response"

Show Question Response

You can then choose the question you want to show from your surveys. If participants responded, it will appear in the response column.

Expanded show question response

Note that you will not be able to see the following types of questions and question responses: 
  1. Instruction : Response will be empty 
  2. Media : Response will be empty.
  3. Grid : Response will be empty

Participant Payments

You can also compensate participants by going to "Options" and clicking on "View Payments"

View Payments

This will bring up a modal where you can manage participant payments.

Participant 2 Payments
As seen above, you will be able to pay participants, send a message alongside the payment, and track the payment history for the participant.


You can download all of the log data in a CSV file with the button. This is very helpful for keeping a record of participant submission and response rates, notifications, and payment amounts.

a red box enclosing a download option

2023 update: We have added a column where you can see the IP addresses of the participants.
Logs - IP addresses column

If anonymous users answered your survey using the "Take One-Off Experience" you can identify them in the CSV file. This information isn't visible in the Participation Logs but can be found in the downloaded response file.
You can see the records of anonymous users' responses, including details like IP address, time zone, and survey start and finish dates. 

records of anonymous users' responses
A red box enclosing take one-off experience


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