ExpiWell Overview: Navigating Essential Features


Explore the Overview Feature 

The "Overview" is where you can edit the name, description, and visibility of the community. You can edit whether users will be anonymous and if the community can be searchable in the ExpiWell ecosystem.

The 'Overview' feature in ExpiWell is a central hub for community administrators, offering unmatched control and customization of your community's digital presence. This feature goes beyond essential management; it empowers you to shape the identity and accessibility of your community. 

Editing the community name, description, and visibility settings allows you to align its online persona with its mission and objectives. The option to toggle user anonymity provides flexibility in how members interact, catering to the need for privacy or open identification based on the community's nature.  Additionally, controlling whether your community is searchable within the ExpiWell ecosystem enhances discoverability, attracting like-minded individuals or groups, thus fostering a more targeted and engaged audience. This feature is instrumental in building a vibrant, interactive community tailored to specific research goals and interests.

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