Participant's responses

Participants Viewing Past Responses

Review Past Responses

Some participants may wish to see their previous responses in conducting your Ecological Momentary Assessments or Experience Sampling Research. It is helpful as some participants are more motivated if they can review their answers in past surveys.


In the survey building, navigate to the (3 dots) > Feedback.
ExpiWell's survey builder settings
Feedback option

Navigate to ARCHIVE, and click "+ Questions".
Archive option

 Select the questions you wish participants to see their responses. You can "Select All", and click "done."Where you can select questions you wish participants to see their previous responses.

After you set this up, you can download the ExpiWell Mobile App and test this function.

In your ExpiWell Mobile App, go to one of your surveys, and click the (3 dots).
Mobile App survey option

Click "Show Previous Responses".
Experience options

And it will display your previous responses to the specific survey.

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