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Once a project is launched, researchers can track participants and their progress in the "Project Insights" page.

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    • Logs

      To track in real time how data collection is coming along, researchers can access the "Logs" page under the "Insights" tab. By toggling between "Overall" and "Current," values change within some categories: SUBMISSION RATE Overall: The number of ...
    • Sharing Projects with Other ExpiWell Users

      ExpiWell allows Makers to send a full copy of their projects to other users that are also on paid plans. This feature gives the Maker full control of what aspects a receiving Maker is allowed to do with the project. The sender can restrict the ...
    • FAQ

      Is it possible to preview the survey? Absolutely. You can go to the "App Preview" option in the "Survey Building" section of the platform. Given that formats may appear differently on each phone, researchers also typically download the app, enter the ...