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Project Overview

How to Use the Project Overview 

Selecting an Experience from the dashboard will direct you to a calendar view of the Experience schedule. Days in which a project is active are indicated by a dot icon beneath the date. A dot icon indicates Experiences available to be taken in the present moment. 
The daily tab to filter experiences

You can also switch between overview layout options. Click the "Daily" tab and that will allow you to filter your experiences.

a red box encolsing the daily option

The 'Project Overview' in ExpiWell is an indispensable tool for researchers and participants, offering a detailed and intuitive view of the Experience schedule. This feature is not just about viewing dates; it's about understanding the project timeline comprehensively. The calendar view, enhanced with dot icons, clearly indicates active project days and experiences available at the moment, making it easier to stay organized and on track. 

This immediate visual feedback is crucial for planning and effectively participating in projects. Switching between overview layouts, such as the 'Daily' tab, further adds flexibility, allowing users to tailor the view to their needs and preferences. This level of customization and clarity in the 'Project Overview' empowers users to manage their time and engagement more effectively, ensuring that every project is navigated quickly and efficiently. It's a strategic asset for optimizing project management, enhancing both the user experience and the success of the research endeavors.

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