Project Screener Survey

Project Screener Survey

Create Your Project Screener

When you are recruiting participants from a panel, from a community, or from an online ad, it is important to create a project screener to screen participants for the right attributes.

One functionality of the "Project Screener" is to create screener questions that screen participants for specific attributes. Later on, you can also manage the number of participants for those specific attributes. See "Quota".

There can only be one project screener for each project and all participants will have to take the project screener when they join the project before they are allowed to see the project and surveys.

Video Tutorial

Creating a Project Screener

You start by going to "Build Surveys" > "+ New Survey" > Toggle "Project Screener"

ExpiWell Create Project Screener Survey

There are only two question types available on the "Project Screener": Multiple Choice Question and Instruction.

ExpiWell Project Screener Survey Options

Typically, you can include an instruction question type to introduce the Project Screener to participants and then create your screener questions. Below, we include Age as an example of a screener question.

ExpiWell Project Screener Age Question

You can select the "correct" responses by checking the boxes on the right side of the choices. In this example, we may only want to select individuals who are over 40 years old to join the project. Therefore, we select the following as seen below. The "correct" options that participants have to select to join the project will outlined in green.

ExpiWell Project Screener Age Options

You can proceed to add more project screener questions. Participants will need to pass all the project screener questions to be able to start the project. As shown below, you can add a question about which country the participant is living in and only select participants who live in the United States.

ExpiWell Project Screener Country

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