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Flexible Start Date

ExpiWell provides a personalization option that allows Takers to customize when they can take surveys and receive survey notifications. In other words, they can tweak the existing schedule you have created. This is very helpful in several scenarios:
1. Participants have different timings for when they would like to receive notifications or take surveys (e.g., different bedtimes, different wakeup times, different work schedules, etc.).
2. Participants may miss a survey but would like to move the survey to a different time slot and take it later.
3. Participants may miss a time slot but would still like to provide responses to the survey after it is closed.
4. You may wish for participants to start the project on a specific day of the week (e.g., Monday).
Flexible Start Date: For the ROLLING schedule, you can enable "Flexible Start Date" so that participants can choose when the first day of the project start will be. This is often useful if you are interested in having participants start on a specific day of the week (e.g., Monday).

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