ExpiWell: Randomize Survey Questions

Randomize Survey Questions

Why Randomizing Survey Questions Can Improve Participant Answers 

In experience sampling and ecological momentary assessments, randomizing questions can help to reduce response sets. For instance, participants who receive the same order of questions tend to respond in the same way over time in an unthinking way. By randomizing the questions, we change how questions are presented and it can help reduce this problem.

1. Questions within surveys can be randomized (i.e., presented in a random order to participants).

2. Randomization can also occur within question blocks only. Researchers can toggle the randomization option within the designated question block. This randomizes the questions within the block.

Randomize options

When the randomization option is "on," the button appears green in color. This selection randomizes all of the questions and question blocks within the survey.

Randomize option is ON

Utilizing Advanced Randomization Techniques - In addition to basic question randomization, advanced techniques offer further customization.

1. Group Creation
  1. Click the "add group" button to create multiple groups, each named accordingly.
ExpiWell - creatinmultiple groups

2. Nested Groups
  1. Establish a hierarchy by placing a group inside another group (referred to as MAIN GROUP in the screenshots below). This nested structure adds an extra layer of organization.
ExpiWell - a group inside the main group

3. Randomization within groups
  1. (1)Randomize the order of groups within the main group, providing a systematic yet varied survey experience.
  2. (2)Similarly, randomize the questions within each subgroup, ensuring diverse question sequences.
ExpiWell - Randomizing the groups, and questions within the groups

These advanced randomization techniques not only enhance participant engagement but also offer researchers greater control over the survey experience. By incorporating randomness at multiple levels, surveys become more robust tools for gathering meaningful insights.
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