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Receiving Payments

How to Receive Payments 

Receiving Payments

Swipe to the right, and click the 'settings' icon.
   the settings icon

Select “My Balance” to navigate to the Account Balance Screen.
If the outstanding balance is less than $5, participate in more ExpiWell experiences to earn more money. Once you reach $5 or more in your account balance, you may proceed to the next step (2) to “Redeem Gift Card"
The account balance screen

If the outstanding balance is at least $5, select “Redeem Gift Card.”
the My Balance screen

Log into the email account associated with your ExpiWell account. 
You will receive an email confirmation with the gift card claim code. Use this code in your Amazon account to redeem the Amazon gift card. 

claiming the gift card code

Receiving Payments in ExpiWell is more than just a feature; it's a token of participant appreciation and motivation. This user-friendly process signifies the platform's commitment to rewarding engagement and contribution. 

By swiping to 'My Balance,' participants can easily track their earnings from participating in ExpiWell experiences, adding a tangible aspect to their involvement. The threshold of $5 ensures that rewards are both attainable and meaningful, encouraging continued participation. 

The seamless transition from earning to redeeming payments in the form of Amazon gift cards adds an element of excitement and gratification. This efficient and gratifying process of 'Receiving Payments' incentivizes participation and fosters a sense of accomplishment and value among users. 

The option to redeem earnings for Amazon gift cards introduces a practical benefit, allowing participants to enjoy the fruits of their contribution tangibly. This thoughtful approach to participant compensation reflects ExpiWell's dedication to creating a supportive, encouraging, and gratifying environment where every participant feels valued and integral to the research process.

Additionally, this payment system underlines ExpiWell's ethos of fairness and reciprocity, ensuring that participants' time and input are respected and rewarded, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction with the platform.

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