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Distributing your EMA and ESM project to Participants

How to Distribute Projects to Participants

Once you have created and scheduled your surveys for your ecological momentary assessment (EMA) and experience sampling method (ESM) project, you will reach the next stage of deciding how to distribute your project.

Distribution tab

You can choose several different ways to distribute your project. You will then be guided to import email addresses for those participating and compose the email message used to notify participants of the project.

Side note: For former ExpiWell users, the previous "Demographics" page has been converted to the "Distribution" page.

".CSV File" Import: To import participant email addresses from a .CSV file, first create an Excel spreadsheet with participant information and export as a .CSV file.
Excel spreadsheet with participant information

an option to export file

Either drag and drop the file into the upload window or click on "Choose a file" to browse and select from the files on your drive.

choose a file or drag it here

project email address file
The import dialog will automatically search the document for email addresses and add them to the participant log.
import dialog

an email invitation

"Another Project" Import: If you wish to invite a group of participants from a previous project, you may click the "Another Project" tab and select the project whose participants you'd like to import from the menu.

another project import

Once you have imported all participant email addresses, compose the email message you wish to accompany the invitation.
composing the email message

Link (Web Survey types only): If you prefer to invite participants via a separate, personal email, you can go to the "Link" icon, copy the survey links available, and distribute them manually.

Use Links for anonymous responses

Participant Limit: If you would like to limit the number of participants in your project, you may go to "Distribution Settings," toggle "Set participant limit," and enter the number of unique participants you would like to cap the survey at.

the distribution settings

Access Code Invitation (Mobile Survey types only): If you would like for only participants who have received an invitation to be able to add a project, you can toggle the "Invite via access code" option off, as shown below.

Access Code Invitation

the distribution settings

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