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Sharing Projects with Other ExpiWell Users

ExpiWell allows Makers to send a full copy of their projects to other users that are also on paid plans. This feature gives the Maker full control of what aspects a receiving Maker is allowed to do with the project. The sender can restrict the receiver on the type of changes or actions that are allowed on the project. The three categories these restrictions can fall in are: "General Restrictions," "Survey Restrictions," and "Schedule Restrictions." The sender may also choose to gather metric information on the sent project (e.g., # of participants, response rates, etc.). See below for all the possible options when sharing a project.

 All Makers who receive a project are able to view the restrictions that are in place for their project. Simply click on the "" symbol on the bottom right and click "Restrictions."

If Makers receiving projects do not consent to sharing project metrics, they may opt out by toggling the option and confirming their change.

Makers sharing projects can edit restrictions, but the metric option will send an email to the receiving Makers requesting metric gathering.

For receiving Makers, restricted projects will indicate that the surveys page includes restrictions in creating new surveys/folders. 

The surveys page will also change the language from "Edit Survey" to "View Survey" depending on the restrictions placed. The "Delete Survey" option will disappear from their list of actions if restricted.

Similarly, receiving makers will see if the schedule includes restrictions.

Lastly, the sending Maker may view the metrics for a shared project as shown in the "Metrics" and "Insights" page.

If the sending Maker does not have rights to view the metrics of a project, they will see a message on the project card. If they are allowed to view metrics, the project card will resemble the insights page of their own projects (with the only exception that they may not view the survey's responses).

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