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Logic Function

Researchers can also create logic flow within the survey by using the "Logic" function. The logic function allows for participants to be taken to a question that is relevant to their previous answer. This is currently only implemented in the "Multiple Choice Question" where participants select one option out of multiple options.

1. Select the "Logic" option at the bottom to implement the logic into Question 1. 

Note: "Logic" does not display if there are no other questions in the survey or if the multiple choice question is the last question in the survey (there must be something to skip forward to). You must add more questions before being allowed to enable the logic function.


2. Upon checking the "Logic" box, there will be a panel displaying the options below. A drop-down menu will appear once you click on each box with a downward arrow. 

3. Select the option choice and the question to skip to in order to customize the participant's survey. Here is an example:

In this case, if participants chose option (c) "Exercising," they would be directed to Question 3, "How long have you been exercising?"

4. Additional logic for other options (e.g., "Relaxing" or "Cleaning") can be included by clicking on the "+ Logic" button.

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