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Group / Question Group Organization

For a more complex survey structure, surveys can be organized into different types of question blocks. There are 2 main types of question blocks:

1. The "Group" question format allows researchers to organize a set of questions into groups. Clicking on that option will bring up a group box for you to drag and drop all of your questions into or create new questions directly within by clicking the "+" icon.

To give the set of questions a title, click on "Group" and then enter the title into the text box.

The "Group" is completed when all questions are within the box as seen below.

Note: The questions themselves do not have to be formatted or phrased as questions. The "Group" type allows for various types of response formats.

2. The "Question Group" is another way to organize questions. For "Question Group," all of the questions need to have the same response format within the group. In general, researchers find it most useful to use the "Question Group" for repeated questions with the same type of rating format. For example, asking participants if they "Strongly Agree" or "Strongly Disagree" to different statements on concepts such as personality, attitudes, emotions, etc. Clicking on the "Question Group" brings up the "Question Group" box.

There are several steps to filling the "Question Group."

Step 1: To give the set of questions a title, click on "Question Group" and then enter the title into the text box.

Step 2: Click the on "Question Group" and choose the type of response format on the right panel. There will be a drop-down menu of the different types of response formats.

Step 3: Decide on the number of response options by clicking on the "+ Choice" button. You may enter customized responses or, if you turn on the "Pre-Fill Choices" button, another drop-down menu will appear with a list of response options to choose from.

Step 4: Add questions until the "Question Group" is complete.

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