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            Add Experiences

            All Experiences have a unique code necessary for accessing the project. These codes will be sent to you either manually by a project administer or by an ExpiWell-issued email.

            1. To begin, select the orange "+" icon at the bottom left of your Experience dashboard.

            2. Enter the access code shared with you and select "Add Experience."

            Online/Offline Option
            (3.) Some surveys have the option to be taken offline, meaning that they don't require internet connection or online access to the server; this may be useful if you do not have consistent internet connection on your mobile device. Select your preference from the pop-up menu.

            Select Start Date
            (4.) For some survey types, you may be required to select a date to start the Experience project. Scroll through the date option menu and click "Continue."

            5. The project will now appear in your Experience dashboard.

            Updated: 29 Dec 2019 11:34 AM
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