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            Creating a Project

            Start on your "Projects" dashboard.

            From here, you can create different types of surveys and custom scheduling preferences:

            1. Click on the "+" button.

            2. Follow the instructions to enter the "Project Title."

            3. You may also wish to "Use Custom Access Code." This is the code that participants will use to access your project on the Android and iOS apps. (For example, below, we have created the custom access code "emosurvey.") This prevents other app users from accessing your project. If you do not enter a custom access code, a random access code will be automatically generated for the project.

            Please note: Sometimes custom access codes may already be taken by another creator's existing project; if this is the case, the code cannot be used and will produce an "error" screen.

            4. Once you have created the project, follow the next guided steps: (1) Build Surveys; (2) Schedule; (3) Demographics; (4) Review.

            5. Once the project is activated, participants can access your project via the project access code.

            Updated: 27 Dec 2019 07:03 AM
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