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            Creating a Web Survey Project Type

            The "Web Project" type allows Makers to create projects with ExpiWell surveys that are purely email-based.

            1. You can get started by clicking the "+" button next to "My Projects."

            2. Once you select the "Web Project" type, you will be presented with options to enter the project title and customize your project access code (if desired).

            3. After you have created your project, you will be guided through the following steps: (1) Building Surveys; (2) Schedule; (3) Distribution; and (4) Review.

            1. Building Surveys: Building surveys in the "Web Project" type provides web paging capabilities. The builder allows for randomization within the page alongside our survey building tools, such as "Add Question," "Copy Question," "Randomize Questions," and "Add Question Groups." All survey building tools will affect only the individual page. 

            2. Creating Project Schedule: "Web Project" types include the same three schedule types as our mobile project types. You can select from either "Calendar," "Rolling," or "Static" schedule types. See Overview of Survey Scheduling for additional details.

            3. Distributing Surveys to Participants: Once you have created your surveys, you will then be guided to import emails for those participating and compose the email used to notify participants of the project.

            Side note: For former ExpiWell users, the previous "Demographics" page has been converted to the "Distribution" page!

            Once you have created the email inviting respondents to participate (see above), you can then import emails for those you wish to participate in your project.

            If you prefer to invite participants via your own email, you can go to the "link" icon, copy the links available, and distribute them manually.

            If you would like to limit the number of participants in your project you can go to "Distribution Settings" and indicate your participant limit.

            4. Review and Activate: The final step is to review your project under the "Review" tab. Click "Activate," and you're all done.

            Updated: 29 Dec 2019 10:12 AM
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