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            Static Schedule

            Researchers may not need to schedule surveys based on dates or days. Instead, a researcher may seek to do a "one-off" survey. This option allows researchers to collect one-time data from participants.

            The "Static Schedule" also allows researchers to collect data on surveys multiple times. That is, participants can submit their responses to the same surveys multiple times. For example, a researcher may want to collect data for a "health survey" from participants whenever they fall ill over a period of 3 months.

            This type of schedule accommodates:

            (a) One-time surveys

            (b) Event-contingent ESM or EMA surveys (allows participants to fill in a survey whenever they encounter an event in the day)

            (Default) One-Time Submissions:

            • The "Static Schedule" allows any participant who enters the access code to work on all the surveys within the project. 
            • The default is a one-time submission for each survey in the project. On completing all the surveys, the project is closed for the participant.
            • The project can be taken "anonymously." That is, participants do not need to sign in to the ExpiWell mobile app to start the project.

            Multiple Submissions: Researchers can allow for multiple submissions for all the surveys within the project by checking the "Allow multiple submissions" option. The project is closed when the end date is reached.

            Important note: All of a participant's surveys are automatically linked over timeWhen participants participate in a project which has multiple (scheduled) surveys, all the data are linked to the participant uniquely. Researchers do not need to include survey questions requesting researcher-assigned participant IDs in order to link surveys.

            Updated: 29 Dec 2019 09:49 AM
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