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Invite by User Account Email

How to Invite Participants Through Email 

When Invitations are Useful

For projects where you already have a pre-existing list of participants and their contact emails, you may want to invite ONLY these individuals to your project.
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  1. Useful when you have participant email contacts
  2. Useful for when you only want specific users to join your project 

You will not need to send or enable joining by ACCESS CODE. However, you can still enable joining by access code if you wish to have two different groups of individuals join your project. For example, you may want an existing set of users to continue with this project via the invitation, and supplement it with additional individuals joining by access code.

How to invite by User Account Email

Overview.  In the distribution tab, you can type in or upload a CSV of user account emails.

  1. Participants who have email accounts on the ExpiWell mobile app that match the email will see the project on their ExpiWell App. It will appear in the "DISCOVER" section, and participants will be notified that they can add the project.
  1. Those participants who do not have an account will receive an email from ExpiWell, where they can download the ExpiWell app directly and see the project. This will prevent anyone else from adding to the project.

To enable this, go to the 'Distribution' tab and navigate to this button. You will have an option to also invite via access code at the same time. If you would only want participants who have been invited via email to participate, you can leave the 'invite via access code' option untoggled.

Distribution tab

Then, you can type in a single email or upload a CSV file containing your participant's email addresses.

CSV import option

Invitation Status

After successfully adding some email addresses, you will see the participants' list and their STATUS.

Awaiting Activation - The project is not activated yet, and this will change to 'sent' after activating the project.

Awaiting Account Creation - This participant has yet to create an ExpiWell mobile app account, which will change to 'sent' after creating an account.

Invite via email option - Inactive project

Project Activation Process

After activating the project, the status of the users that already have an ExpiWell account will be 'sent'.

Invite via email option - Active project

Participants will now be able to see the project in the DISCOVER tab on their ExpiWell mobile app.
Mobile app - Discover tab

For those participants who have yet to create an account, they will receive this default email from ExpiWell.
New account invitation email

They can click the 'download,' and they will be directed to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If they use a computer, they will see this page where they can scan using their phone.
ExpiWell mobile app download

After downloading and creating an account, they will also see the project on the DISCOVER tab on their ExpiWell mobile app.

Mobile app - Discover tab

Once this new participant successfully created an account, it will also reflected in the DISTRIBUTION tab.

Invite via email - Active project

Once they have received the project, they can accept or reject it, which will also be reflected in the DISTRIBUTION tab.

Invited emails status

Using the INVITE VIA EMAIL will be helpful for researchers to identify participants, as the emails will be displayed in the LOGS page.

LOGS -  user account column

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