Offline App Notifications: Navigating ExpiWell

Offline Notifications

What You Need to Know About the Offline Notifications Feature 

ExpiWell offers the feature of "Offline Notifications" where participant notifications are all scheduled from the participant mobile phones. This can be especially useful when participants do not have access to cellular data or WIFI. 

This option is found in the "Review" tab at the end of your project creation.

A red box enclosing offline option

Once you enable the Offline Feature participants will receive a prompt before joining your project.  

Add offline experience prompt

If your participants select "TAKE EXPERIENCE OFFLINE" they will see the option to download the experience.

red box enclosing download the experience

NOTE: Participants will not see the "download the experience" option if they select "TAKE EXPERIENCE ONLINE".

This provides an option for some participants who don't worry about losing their internet connection along the way.

logo of caution

There are significant caveats to using this option.

- Because the notifications are all scheduled using the participant's mobile device, there are frequently device-specific issues that may create problems in the notification timings (e.g., participant changes their clock or time zone, or participant device is not compatible).

- Since notifications originate from the participant's device, ExpiWell is unable to monitor notifications on the participant log.

- Because there are often unique device-issues, ExpiWell is unable to help with troubleshooting notification issues when using this option.

Given these caveats, we strongly recommend researchers conduct thorough testing of this feature across various devices before launching. While this option can be valuable in scenarios where participants lack access to cellular data or Wi-Fi, it's essential to anticipate potential challenges, particularly for participants with older devices or specific device settings.

Offline Notifications for iOS adapt to phone times.
- For Offline Notifications for iOS devices, you must schedule the notifications for participants using iOS devices based on their phone time. 

We updated and enhanced our offline notifications so iOS and Android are equivalent

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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