ExpiWell: Participant Mobile Apps for EMA and ESM

ExpiWell Mobile Apps for EMA and ESM

7 Reasons to Use ExpiWell Mobile Apps

ExpiWell uses native iOS and Android mobile apps to deliver surveys and notifications that researchers schedule. These are free and available for participants (and researchers) to download.

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We use native mobile apps because these enable more powerful functionality, including:

1. Creating different sign-up options for participants on the mobile apps. This sign-up information is NOT shared with researchers.

2. Capturing video, voice, photo, and location information from participants.

3. Sending unlimited notifications and reminders to participants to complete surveys via the app. Push notifications use a minimal amount of participant data.

4. Viewing the history of notifications

5. Sending additional messages from researchers to participants, especially ones who may not be providing adequate responses on a project.

6. Providing sleek and beautiful surveys.

7. Enabling Amazon gift card payments to participants.

This is only the beginning - we are working on features that enable passive data collection, provided that participants agree to share this data.

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