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            Who do I contact with questions about the project or software?

            Please note that contacting ExpiWell won't put you in contact with your researcher, so it's important to keep their contact information on hand for the duration of the project. We recommend that you reach out to them first with any questions you may have.

            How can I access the survey(s)?

            There are three different ways to access surveys:
            1. Dashboard: Click on the Experience to take you to a project overview. From the list of surveys, you can take those that have an orange dot icon in the survey window.
            2. Mobile Notifications: Swipe on mobile notifications to be taken directly to the available survey. (Notifications must be enabled on your device in order to use this function.)
            3. Available Experience Pop-Up Window: If you are in the app during an available survey window, a pop-up screen will appear to notify you. Click on "Go to Experience" to be directed to the survey.
            I clicked on a survey and it took me to a "Timeslot" pop-up screen, but it won't let me take the survey. Why is this?

            If you were directed to a "Timeslot" pop-up screen:

            The survey isn't available at the moment. This could be due to a couple reasons:
            1. The survey is scheduled for a later timeslot. In the survey window, you should see the time that it is scheduled for, as well as the status. If the status reads "(Scheduled)," it is not available at the moment.
            2. The survey is scheduled for a random time within the timeslot. For more information about the randomization feature, click here:
            For each of these cases, please wait until you receive a notification that the survey is ready to be taken.

            If you were directed to a "Server Error Occurred" pop-up screen:

            You missed the survey timeslot. You can see the time the survey was scheduled for as well as the status of the survey in the window, which should read "(Missed)." Click on the "⋮ (Experience Options)" tab and select "Retake Timeslot" if the option is available to you.

            Additional note: Available surveys are always indicated by an orange dot icon.

            If you still have concerns following the solutions above, please contact your researcher.

            I took the same (recurring) survey, but the questions appeared differently. Why?

            Researchers have the option to use a question randomization feature that changes the order of questions as a survey repeats over the course of several days.

            Why am I not receiving notifications for my ExpiWell projects?

            Start with these frequently used solutions:
            1. Make sure your device is not in "Do Not Disturb" mode. This setting prevents notifications from appearing as soon as they arrive on your lock screen.
            2. Make sure you have enabled permission settings to allow notifications from the ExpiWell app. If you need to update this setting, go to your device's notification settings menu and ensure ExpiWell is enabled.
            3. Make sure you are logged in to the appropriate ExpiWell account and that you have a steady network connection.
            If you are still running into issues, please contact your researcher.

            Updated: 29 Dec 2019 10:19 AM
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