Paying Participants for Survey Participation

Paying Participants for Survey Participation

How to Pay the Survey Participants

Paying survey participants is usually used by researchers to encourage participants to participate in research. ExpiWell is an experience sampling tool, but we have also created a way to make this possible for researchers. There are benefits in using the ExpiWell demography tool.

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Easy for researchers - Researchers no longer need to juggle different platforms, as they can now monitor their projects and pay participants on just a single platform.

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Easy for participants - Participants can see their total earnings on their ExpiWell mobile app, and they can easily redeem it whenever they want.

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Easy to set up - Researchers can easily upload an amount and base their compensation on (e.g., submission rates, response rates, etc.). They can see these details in the LOGS tab.

Please click here to learn more about how to pay participants.

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You can still message and pay participants even if your project is finished and deactivated.

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